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Vetheriss annexes part of Northern Felkhath

Before the Thydian Civil War, Vetheriss was a smaller Arling. The Arle of Vetheriss claims the lands claimed from Felkhath were annexed peacefully, and the people of the far nothern reaches of the Arling had asked to be taken in until I, "see reason" and side with the Capitolist Faction in the war.


We have heard of your acquisition from Norrasjo and Felkhath. My father had maintained the borders as they were when the Unification Wars came to an end. You've been expanding.

- Arle Tilde Magnusdotr to the Arle of Vetheriss


These lands are still Felkhath and Norrasjo. We are their custodians until their Arles see reason and join us, or formally declare war against you, the rightful heir. It is not that hard to see.

- Arle of Vetheriss to Magnusdotr

Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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