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Kotzuiyrn's Promise

I will return in the days of your descendants, and so too will the War and High Priest with me.
— Kotzuiyrn's promise
  When Saint Antral's Rebellion drove through the Adrakian Empire among the other rebellions occuring at the same time, the Priesthood of Kotzuiyrn sought comfort in their victory the Triple Lunar Eclipse had promised them.   Kotzuiyrn had reportedly spoken to the priests staying at the would-be Last Shrine of Kotzuiyrn claiming he would return in the days of their descendants.   When High Priest Coryduin and their god was killed, the priests kept their hopes strong, certain he would return.   Born Into Power Somehow Big Arc Spoiler Here, My Players Beware
Kotzuiyrn, had a plan to outwait the enemies of the failed Empire. When it seemed certain to fall, he would goad his best War Priest into battling him while in he was his more mortal-shape. Skarzvard did as expected, complete with using a forbidden Life Forging Rune into his blade to seal Coryduin away.   At the final blow, however, Kotzuiyrn was surprised he was not placed into the blade that would be called Coryduin's Bane, but was split between it and Skarzvard's Blade as well, and like others who had their souls sealed with Life Forged runes, he lost his memories for centuries to come.   This split and memory loss caused the "Coryduin's Bane" to slowly corrupt and drive people around it towards persuit of personal power or rage, while the Skarzvard's Blade was stored in the Magical Archives Building within a vault to the "Scavaerd" family. The blade had the ability to shield those around it, or selected by the blade's inhabitant, from the magical influences of others.   Kotzuiyrn, from within the Skarzvard Blade, worried that his plan of eventually making his way to his former War Priest's tomb would fall short - until Davon, High Priest among the Priesthood of Kaygys manipulated Lucan Stellos into breaking into the Archives through the back wall.   Breaking Lucan free of Davon's mesmerizing powers, Kotzuiyrn was able to glean that the blade of the "Traitor" was to be offered to Kaygys as an offering and an appeasement to the white Dragon. Unwilling to let a former ally know his current weakened state, Kotzuiyrn freed Lucan and directed him to find individuals who descend from Skarzvard.   Lucan found two, though one was less inclined to be in his favor, while the other had the influence of teh other half of his soul's presence still over him. And again, he set his plan to return fully into motion.  
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