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Triple Lunar EclipseBarebones

There are three moons of Corive and the Adrakian Calendar is based on when a full Cycle is completed based on the Winter Solstice as it takes three solar years to complete a Cycle.   Among these Cycles, there is the Lunar Eclipses and the far rarer Triple Lunar Eclipse. In Adrakian Mythology, the lunar eclipse was the Dragon-God defeating their enemies and a cause for celebration. A triple lunar eclipse is typically read as being both a dreadful omen and a celebration for the Adrakian Empire - promising a bloody war, but eventual victory would be had.   The last triple lunar eclipse of the Adrakian Empire was just before open war broke out and rebellion spread across the Empire.   In Theydim, triple lunar ecplises are the representation of the Adrakian dragons being defeated. The evenings are a festival where children have candied fruits dipped in sweet sauces.   In Tormyra, it is the Holy Trinity weaping for the dead, the wounded, and those who are not physicially harmed. The people gather together with those they feel safest and comforting foods and dishes are served.   In Goltheris, it is a symbol of the shift between Judgement , Truth , and Justice to Freedom , Secrets , and Control being the deities in power. The Goltherine people observe the transition as the Goltherine Council membership numbers shift to reflect the deities in power.
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