Adrakian Calendar

"What we have here is a calendar used by the Adrakian Empire. Across Soplas, this calendar is used, while local calendars have either been restored to use, or supplanted by the Adrakian Calendar. The Adrakian Calendar is not based only on the seasons from the sun, but off the moons and the season. When Moon 1 is the first to be seen in the day, and it is winter, we have [name]. [Moon 1] and spring, [name 2]. [Moon 1] and summer, [name 3], and [Moon 1] and autumn, we have [name 4]. There are twelve segments in an Adrakian Cycle, from the first [name], to the next [name], three years later.
"During the time of the Empire, very few records indicate someone measuring time by cycles outside of the highest nobility. People were aged by years, the ruling priests met in cycles."
— Historical Horology Professor at the University of Tormyra 

Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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