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The late Baron of Thredboss had most of their income come from this town and the iron mines within.   Many of the local opposition to Vetheriss and their annexation of the barony within the town tend to disappear, regardless of their social status and wealth.   The locals do know that they are an economical power to be leveraged against the nobles within Thredboss who also oppose Vetheriss' actions and ambitions. The nonlocals, however, have been moving in to the homes and places of those who had been disappeared.   The only reason the entire town hadn't been entirely disappeared is because the local mines are guarded by a Mine Guardian and her Iron Beasts. Members of the Order of Speared Light generally struggled to fight her when she can make their armor and weapons rust away, but succeeded recently and slew her. Now the mine walls are brittle, and caveins are a regular disaster. The nonlocals' protests about the mining slowdown is silenced when they are given a pickax and told to join the rescue efforts or be buried by the rescuers.   With the death of the Mine Guardian, the mine has also been "drying up," forcing the greedy to wait and learn patience as their desires put the entire mine at risk.   With the death of the Baron, the wealth of the mine had been going to the Council of Nobles into a chest for the next Baron, leeding to a push for a new Baron to be chosen in Thredboss.
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