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Skarzvard Manor

"Y'know, this place, it really doesn't look like it was supposed to be a house all the time. The forge is tacked on and the stone wall has sections that look like someone spent a lot of time pulling it down."
"It's been the family home for ... ever. I always figured the forge was added on because one of my ancestors had to take on the role of being the local blacksmith, when the local town was getting large enough to need a blacksmith, and the other nearby town had lost theirs."
"This place still doesn't seem like it ought to be a year-round house."
"I think it was a hunting lodge. The old parts have some spaces that look like some trophy wall mounts were put up. Likely got taken down and replaced over the years and then forgotten."


The original building, a hunting lodge, has been expanded into a full-time home with a larger garden and storeroom celler, as those seem to be the oldes tof the extensions. Over time, the grounds expanded and a section of the old wall was removed to allow for a forge to be build nearby, and then training grounds and an archery range were built.
A second floor was added, prodiving the original entrance a cover, and providing the building with extra spaces for family members to live in.
The original building looks to be a simple wooden construct. There are smooth sections on the old walls that look as if something had been removed or taken down, but the elements have erased all but the faintest hints of the vandalism.
"Hey, sister, these stones look odd, don't they? They're not overlapping like the rest of the wall stones."
"They do seem odd. There aren't many places that are as old as the house."
"I always wondered what the house was before it was the family home. Was there nothing here before? Is our house the replacement for another home?"
"Oh! What if this was one of the places where Antral-"
"Where her allies made on of their big plans of attacks."
"Or maybe it's just the The Order of Forged Light took down some 'blasphemous' iconography the place had."
"Why do you always have to kill the fun of imagining this place was more important?"
— Sisters Sana, Katril, and Sofiya Skarzvard as children
Periodically, there are uncovered artifacts from various ages past, suggesting the grounds were used since the Adrakian Empire, leading to Forged Light members to periodically visit the Skarzvard family home.


something about Skarzvard making him family home here and then the exile of the Adrakian Followers who took Skarzvard's Blade to Tormyra as the Order of the Forged Light gained political power. North Sea Province
Mansion / Villa

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