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MEADTOWN was a town to the north of Felkhath City, and was well known for the apiaries and the meadery using honey from MEADTOWN apiaries. Marchant Wagon Trains generally stop in MEADTOWN to resupply and the pick up the mead and other honey products before carrying the goods on to other towns. MEADTOWN is unusual because it was not along the main roads, and was routinely supplied.

"MEADTOWN? Yeah, we go there every year in the summer. Summer's when they have the most to sell, so that's the time we can get the most profit. Winter time is when we return and share the profits."
— Traveling Merchant Dani Avendotr

The Destruction

Traveling merchants were the ones to provide more details about the destruction of the town, but the reports have grown to share multiple versions with a few similar notes.

"So I was up in MEADTOWN, and it's completely gone."
"What happened?"
"Survivors said a big old beast showed up and turned into a Tabaxi or something and froze the whole town. The ice was still up, a year later, looked like raw crystals, but they're honest-to-Merry ice-cold."
"What kind of beast could freeze a whole town? Why?"
"I heard a dragon, but I also heard it was a mage who wanted to use the image of a dragon."
— Merchant and Gossip

The honey market has been impacted over the last year. The survivors of the magical attack have been working to rebuild their lives, but the apiaries have been struggling to rebuild. The presence of the ice has dropped the temperature of the town and fields below the needed range to maintain a healthy hive at the strength of the hives before the attack.

Game Information

Valeska Great-Cook and Fosterling NeedsName were out riding, as was a regular activity with the two, and a white dragon appeared before them. The dragon identified himself as Kaygys and claimed Valeska was his. When she rejected his claim, he responded by agitating her and breathing ice closer and closer to the two, eventually freezing Fosterling.

Valeksa's latent magical abilities exploded into attempting to attack him, but because her magic was too new, it was ineffective, so she fled. At first by horse, and then by foot when her horse fell and threw her off.

When Valeska reached MEADTOWN, she found Kaygys flying over it and freezing the town.

The Tabaxi mage the reports speak of are a mix of Valeska who was struggling to control her magic at the time, and Kaygys who did transform into his Tabaxi form before flying in a rage against the lack of recognition for his status.

Owning Organization

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