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Merry One

The Merry One

"While the Merry One is depicted as an eternal child, I would say they're as capable of malicious pranks as your deity of Shadow in Tormyra. There are legends of the Merry One granting boons, but also cursing those who cross them."
Thydian individual to a Tormian
        (if deity, goes above Physical)

Divine Domains

Divine Symbols & Sigils

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Divine Goals & Aspirations


Physical Description

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Divine Domains

Truth, Children, Parties.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A smiling barrel of mead.
Merry Folk tend to wander Theydim with wagons of mead marked with a smiling circle, and carry a flask with the same symbol on their hips. Their wagons tend to be accompanied by other travelers who will trade protecting the wagons from bandits for the company.

Tenets of Faith

Always tell the truth in a way others can understand.
Children always start off innocent, it is the adults who forget the small joys in the world.
Protect the young, as they are the future, and bring happiness with them.
The truth will always find its way out.


On the first day of the Thydian year, which is also the shortest day of the year, the Merry Folk arrange for community parties to celebrate the beginning of a new year. In the party, participants are encouraged to speak only in truths, and adults are encouraged to play the games of the children. As the day turns to night, the mead begins to spread among the participants and the cities host magical light shows.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The Merry One generally seeks to bring smiles and enjoyment to the world, and the tenets of their faith says the future is in the hands of children. The Merry One is often credited as a defender of children, utilizing tricks and schemes to do so.
Above all, the Merry One has been recorded in myths as cursing liars in various ways, including a theme of being bound to speak only in truths.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The Merry One is often depicted as looking like a child, leading to some people believing the Small Folk as being avatars of the deity until the Small Folk repeatedly insisted they had never heard of the Merry One.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Often depicted as a "he," or older depictions are less defined in regards to gender.
Divine Classification
Depictions are never absolutely certain, though modern ones tend to be more male than ambiguious.
Often portrayed as a light brown haired child with curls tied back at the nape of their neck.
Often portrayed as the size of a child.

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