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Thydian Pantheon Realm

"Where do we go, when we're in the The Watcher of Graves' care?
  According to the Undead, the afterlife is the realm of the gods.

Geography and Geology

Home. Everything looks and feels like home, even if our own feeling of what home is like differs from each other, every Undead I've met - all three of them in half a millennia - has said the same, even if we all describe different places. From this, I think the afterlife looks like Theydim, even if I can't see the Eyes of the World or the other recognizable landmarks as well. There is a singular mountain in what I think of as "the middle" of the realm and I think the gods live there. I wasn't there for long - I needed revenge, afterall.
I'm sorry, but I need to keep moving - she's still alive but she isn't here, and, and-
— Elidhe Deadblade


  • A singular mountain in the middle
  • A large garden of fantastical plants


Familiar looking plants of unusual coloring or combinations


Beloved pets have been reported as being in the afterlife.
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Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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