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"Naw, I'm a merchant. I just cut out some of the fluff and the legalities. Now, how about some marmalade on the cheap?"
— "Merchant" Evan Arix
Marmalade is slang for smuggled goods, the origin coming from a merchant rivalry between a HoneyMerchant and a Fruit Merchant who had a bet over who would be better at smuggling ILLEGALFRUITNAMEHERE from Goltheris to Theydim. The FruitMerchant won by a technicality as they were caught further within the borders of Theydim than their rival.
  A famous "Marmalade merchant" was one Thei of Pronathea who was arrested for smuggling Faceless Fae Masks into Theydim as a tourist item. It is uncertain how many successful smuggling runs Thei had made, though it is suspected that the merchant was extremely wealthy from his side dealings. Thei was released on bail and a two year ban from Felkath city and has not been arrested for violating his ban.
  Smugglers are generally found to be trying to avoid Merchant's Guild rules in other regions, and within WestTheydimFaction they are avoiding the new Thydian Merchant Guild Tilde Magnusdotr is trying to set up. Some merchants who are members of the guild use their membership to determine if a product was worth the risk of selling against the rules of the guild. Guild Members as smugglers, however, face greater punishments including bounties being placed publicly on them and excomunication from the guild with a ban on continuing their legal mercantile business.
"Thei? No. He's not one of my caravan. Even if he were, I'd hand him over to your law. Messing with Faceless Fae brings trouble, there are laws in Tormyra against it, and I'm from the forests those Fae live in. We wear these masks to protect us."
— Caravan Leader Bahron of Ethnis
Merchants smuggling goods are generally difficult to convict due to them generally working to ensure they are on good terms with their Merchant Wagon Caravans. Caravans generally have a tight knit network among each other because the merchants have to depend on each other to not ruin the trust of local merchants for their livelihoods. Most cases where a smuggler had been arrested and convicted, the smuggler operated alone, or had endangered their caravan with their activities.




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