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City Guards

Arles rule their Arling. Arles only rule for as long as their laws can be enforced. City Guards are generally part of their Arling's military, but their purpose is to primarily be a militia. After the Thydian Unification Wars resulted in the Arling militaries and the City Guard becoming part of the Thydian military, permanently assigned to city protection.


"We are no longer Felkhath, Feroian, FurthestNorthEastArlingPeopleNameHere. We are all Thydian, and we must be Thydian first."
— High King Magnus the Red-Eyed
High King Magnus the Red-Eyed began the practice of moving City Guardsmen to other cities and Arlings, claiming it would aide in preventing corruption from growing.
Instead of ending corruption, some disgruntled officers instead choose to make their lives easier for themselves until they are reassigned back towards a more favorable posting. Most reassignments are volunteer-based, but without say in where the guards are reassigned.
With the Thydian Civil War in effect, many City Guards across Theydim have deserted their assigned cities, while other "transplanted" guards stayed with their city.
"I may be SouthEastArlingPeopleNameHere, but Port Frostfind is where I live now. I met my wife here. Our children were born here."
— Mage-Sergeant W. Demichael
"CityNameHere doesn't need me, the people don't want me here, why should I stay? EastLeader PersonBro is not my High King. I already have my replacement here, ready for me to leave."
— Captain Kihewnar, sipping his TropicalDrinkFromOshrarHere
EastLeader PersonBro has begun transfering East Theydim FactionSide City Guards back to their original cities and towns, though guards who refuse to leave are generally under restricted duties.

Civil Duties

When cities are not under attack, guards generally aid in preventing brawls from growing, and general law enforcement. Most laws are enforced more by social pressure than by force, though certain laws against violence come before the local district council or city council with inter-district conflicts. Town guards present before a town council. Arling Capitals have a council consisting of a city council and the Arle who would be the ones determining rulings with inter-district conflicts.
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