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Arle of Fjellstrand

Arle of Fjellstrand FIRSTNAME SURNAME

My Arling may not seem to offer much, but we stay out of the way of the larger Easterner politics, pay tithes, and the mountain passes are kept clear.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

SURNAME is another of the younger Arles, though some refer the them as "Regent" because their predecessor had stepped down after an avalanche-related accident had resulted in major injuries. This youthfulness has, however allowed the Arle to have some autonomy from the High King's meddling.

Identifying Characteristics

As an Orc, SURNAME stands out among fellow Arles who are generally more Humans than they are. SURNAME has a brand marking them as a follower of Shey Who Watches And Guards of the Orc pantheon, but also has a brand of the Boundary of the Thydian Deities.

I feel no conflict - they are both guardians of passes and gates. My people mostly live in mountain passes, and where else should one feel the strength of these two deities than before a pass, one of Nature's own gates?

Facial Features

Like other Orcs, SURNAME has tusks, though their tusks are shorter as a young adult. Surname is easily identified by wearing large thick braids that wrap and bind around their head. This is a local popular hair style for keeping hair from one's face when dealing with winds.


Apparel & Accessories

SURNAME usually wears winter furs and thick garments as their Alring Capital is one of the mountain passes.

Specialized Equipment

The crossbow is easily on of the best weapons to have. I can load 'er up and walk around or sit for hours before launching without tiring my arms by holding the full draw for that time.
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
18 .3A 18 Years old
Aligned Organization

Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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