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Commander Maia

Commander Maia

Commander of the Tormian Royal Family Guard. Commander Maia has been suspected by many to be the leader of the Eyes of Nyche, allowing her to prepare for events and place Eyes like Lucan Stellos in strategic places to ensure the family is protected.
Some gossips have suggested Commander Maia's role is not to protect the Royal Family, but the protect Tormyra from the former king, Michinus, if the royal family were to be usurped or harmed. Most of those gossips spend their time looking over their shoulders, or their theories are met with mockery.
Commander Maia has also been suspected of being multiple people wearing the same, or similar masks, pretending to be one person.  

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Mental characteristics


"You touch my mask, and I will personally rip your face off for the insult you offer."
"Your insult to me - implying you believe yourself to be capable of killing me."
— Do not take a Forest Elf's mask

Personality Characteristics


"I serve the royal family, and I serve Tormyra. You may speculate all you wish, but those who matter know my loyalties."
— Commander Maia to some gossips when she overheard them speculating on her being the leader of the Eyes of Nyche.

Vices & Personality flaws

"I don't know, is it really a flaw if the Commander of the Guard feeds wild birds in the morning?"
"She's not really feeding the birds. She's really just feeding the cats."
Very pale sand-like color, half tied back into a low tail, while the other half stays loose at approximately chin-length. Her hair tie is secured by a blue pin with the crest of the Royal Family.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Your majesties, there's been a report."
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
"Sh! You never know who is listening - I heard their commander knows every language under the moons."

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