Most field agents of the Eyes of Nyche are called Eyes. The general populace of Tormyra call anyone in connection to the Eyes of Nyche as "Eyes".

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Potential Eyes are recruited by recommendation of another Eye's observations and careful observation by Eyes tasked with recruitment. The exact process is kept unwritten in traditions.
Sealed Scroll
"You will learn to listen, and what to listen for. You will learn to watch and what to watch for. You will learn to read, and more than merely letters. You will read a person to know who to watch, who to listen to. You will learn how to write, and how to lie. Whatever you learned before now, you learned wrong. We will teach you properly."

Accoutrements & Equipment

Very few Eyes or higher ranks within the Eyes of Nyche wear the gray tunic outside of formal events, when most wear the boots, the pants, the belt, or the bracers.
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