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Captain Viorr

Captain Viorr

"I'm not sure what this means, I just know it means nothing good has happened with the break in."
— Commander to Captain Viorr about the break in at the Magical Archives building

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Physical Description

Facial Features

Like most Forest Elves, Captain Viorr wears a mask over his face. The mask he is most know to wear has a stylized vine and dagger along the left jaw, while most of his mask is left bare of carvings until the right side's edges where a pair of stylized eyes over a dagger,, a triangle with dots at each point and a crescent facing away each side, and (placeholder for now), are lined alone the edge. While most of the mask is bare of carvings, it is painted in a manner like a skull sprouting feathers of grays and pale blues.His eyes peer out of the painted and carved eyesockets.
Him not wearing a mask has not been recorded, as removing another's mask is in forest elven culture a way to issue a death threat to the person wearing the mask, and removing one's own mask in the presence of others is a sign of trust.
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When he had gone undercover, he had other masks he wore, usually ones that did not carry the insignias of his allegiances.

Identifying Characteristics

His primary identifying feature is his mask. His sandy-white hair is usually pulled into a low ponytail with a pin crossing the bindings. On the hair pin, hangs malachite shaped into vines on either side of the pin.

Mental characteristics


As far as the official records hold, Viorr had been educated and employed as one of the Eyes of Nyche since he was a teen. Any other employment records are not accessible, or do not exist.
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As a captain, Viorr is not often undercover anymore, and is usually working reports. There are times he's been found investigating things himself, but those times are often when discretion and espionage would be least effective.
       "Eye, when I get involved, it means your role in this particular task is over, it does not mean you have not been unmasked."

Personality Characteristics


The Captain insists he is within the Eyes of Nyche because he wanted to serve his country and protect it, even in peacetime, as the Tormian military tends to reduce its size when not in active war.
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Captain Viorr joined because he was caught by an Eye while trying to steal documents from a corrupt member of the court. His motivation for stealing the documents was to present them to the elders of his village as proof the nobility were illegally poaching Weeping Trees and stealing Faceless Fae masks from the Fae. The Eye noted Viorr had escaped uncaught until them, and spoke to the elders on Viorr's behalf. Viorr joined the Eyes as part of his punishment for the theft, but the thieves were brought to justice in both the royal court, and to the Faceless Fae.

Likes & Dislikes

  • Timely reports
  • Quiet places
  • Rice dishes, particularly fried rice.

  • The unexplained*
  • University of Tormyra**
  • Sweets
* Anything involving His Late Majesty is on the list of "I don't want to know" and he actively goes out of his way to leave those things unexplained, having said "If you want to know what His Late Majesty has been doing, you will need to ask him yourself, or have someone else look into it, now, may I please investigate the dead beggars?"
** The University of Tormyra is well known for parts of the university blowing up, usually as a result of two or more mages having an arcane debate. While some may make alliances within the University walls, he leaves those to the younger Eyes.

Vices & Personality flaws

"Rumors that I would sell my loyalties for fried rice are a lie. Just because I like it, does not mean I will turn traitor or give anyone favors if they give me a good bowl of friend rice."

Personality Quirks

People have noted that when the Captain is in a good mood, they might feel something ruffle their hair.


As a ranked member of the Eyes of Nyche, he keeps his appearance as neat and tidy as he can, unless required to go undercover or to be anyone else.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Captain in the Eyes of Nyche
Appears male
Copper-y red, seem to have hints of green.
Sandy-white, typically tied back in a low ponytail with a single ornate hair pin.
Aligned Organization

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Does the captain take off his mask when undercover?

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I had to stop writing so I could figure that out. For a forest elf to remove their mask, it has significance. I'm toying with the idea he has alternatives to his signature mask.

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Comment from games - "Can his name please be Mister Snazzy Boots?" - Captain Viorr has a pair of nice boots. Not magical, just nice

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