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The Stone Ship

Presumed to be a natural formation, the stone ship resembles a ship locked into the side of a mountain in Tormyra. No other mountain has a similar feature, and the stone ship appears to have cultural-based markings, but the markings do not match any symbols known of any culture in Soplas. Sunlit Dwarves who came from the mountains speculate the ship's stone is ancient and older than the ruins of the The Adrakian Empire.


"Erosion, simple as that. Anyone who says otherwise is being fanciful and foolish."
— Hadin, Tormian scholar
Hadin's ignoring the obvious. Magic can do amazing things, why couldn't magic have turned a ship into stone? The real mystery is why there is a ship in the mountains at all, and who made it.
— Esid, Tormian scholar
Magic or nature aside, the mystery is in both the formation and the location of the Stone Ship. Why would someone in the mountains carve a ship into the mountains? What kind of stone is it made of to be strong against the erosive forces of the winds? Who carved the symbols into it, if not the wind?
— Fin, Tormian scholar
There is debate over the formation of the Stone Ship, and folklore isn't clear on where it came from. Earliest records suggest the Stone Ship was there before the local town was founded, and there seem to be no ruins near it to identify the people or any importance the Stone Ship may have had in ancient history. However the history began, the only history known of it is the fact the Stone Ship predates the first Elves who founded The Kingdom of Tormyra.
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