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Broken Shackled Songbird

"Look in the corner of the shop door, see the bird?"
"Oh, there. What about it?"
"They're an Ostufer supporter. The bird's got broken chains."
"So that's how you know this is a friendly place to be."
— Merchants Sable Aradidotr and Erihn Rihson
No region's people are a monolith. For every action made by leaders, there are individuals to oppose those actions. In the Thydian Civil War, there are people who have made their stands within towns and cities, popular or unpopular stands.
In Western Theydim, there are individuals and small groups who support EastTheydimFaction, but feel they cannot openly support Faction because they are "behind enemy lines."
The origin story tells of a Bard who began wearing an embroidered patch on her garments of a songbird breaking a chain around her foot. The bard was pressured to leave her town, and began to travel with a Trader's Caravan through West Theydim, where she found other like-minded individuals who began using the same symbol, usually carved into easily-missed corners of doors or merchant stands.
Reasons for supporting EastFaction vary, though there is a general theme of concern about the uneasy peace formed by the "end" of the Great War.
The symbol has begun drawing the attention of the Capitolist forces, leading to the idividuals using the mark to be "under observation" though some individuals have the symbol more openly displayed and are more difficult to discredit due to their social position.
— "Songbird"
"It's a shame politics have lead to my needing to travel. It's almost as if thinking for oneself is a crime."
The bard "Songbird" was never recorded as being in support of any of the factions within the Civil War, but instead advocated for individuals to ask for the facts behind the claims of the faction leaders and their supporters.
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