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Thydian Houses


While the origins of the House system is obscured and believed to go as far back as the Adrakian Era. Based on Naming Day traditions, Thydians tend to carry names indicating one or another parent, which can lead to complex family trees.   However, Houses are more tied with nobility and status, as most families do not track their relations beyond first cousins and grandparents unless the family generally lives in close proximity to each other.


Some Houses are merged as a result of adoptions or when a House is effectively down to a handful of members. Adoptees are considered to be legitimate members of the House as much as anyone born into the family.

Adrakian Thydians

Some family Houses do date back to the Adrakian Era - such as the Skarzvard Family - though many Houses from the Era have fallen out of records


In the days after the Adrakian Empire's collapse, the House system is found to represent the rise and fall of families and helps mark the historical mapping of Thydian political powers. Unpopular Arles have been replaced by more popular House members or the House had fallen entirely into poverty while another House was founded or elevated.
Thydian Forged
While the Forged are not born, they are often considered by their smiths to be akin to children, so some have taken on their smith's name and adding -dotr or -son, or in some cases -kin as the suffix to form a surname.   The smiths who do claim the Forged as their children, if the smith is a member of a House, will often add their Forged children to the House.

Name Changing

Houses change names with a change of Family Head in families without a surname, though Family Houses are typically tied to nobility.
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Notable Houses

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