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Great Library

We believe it was real, and other shrines suggest what it was like. One had inhabitants who, while disregarding our questions, are clear evidence suggesting the dragon Athtica, the Unfettered had a grand library in the heart of the temple she ruled from when she wasn't at the Eyes of the World.


  The Great Library is a place no one has found yet, but it is considered the greatest find for an explorer or scholar to discover. The Library was lost during the end of The Adrakian Empire, though it was never taken by any rebel group.   Based on the location of other shrines to Athtica, it is believed the Great Library would be somewhere in the World Spine Mountains. From time to time, some scholar would make an impassioned bid for funding yet another expedition into the mountains for the library. However, after thousands of years of the library going undiscovered, the academic field treats the expeditions as a wild hunt led by fools or people who were trying for one last great discovery before they die or fall out of political favor with their patrons.  


  Based on the ruins of other shrines to Athtica and their libraries, scholars and explorers speculate on what is within.   A Star-Glass stands in the Last Shrine of Athtica, but in others there are objects that appear to be partial maps, suggesting the Great Library would have a completed set of the maps. The hypothetical maps are presumed to have a map of the world, both above and undermountains, and the "otherworldly planes." The incomplete fragments have markings suggesting the Adrakians explored and mapped parts of The Far North, and Continent B though the maps are fragmented and have signs of having been abandoned mid-progress. The few times a surviving Priest of Athtica answered the curious questions of the modern inquisitive mind, they suggest the mapping process is a constant project to keep the maps accurate.  
Just imagine! A complete map of the world that keeps itself up to date without the hand of another person! A god of knowledge, or a person who wants us to believe her to be one, would obviously have the most advanced and best quality of everything!
— Excited Scholar
  From other libraries, there are scores of books, each hand-copied with a note of the text being copied from another by another's hand. The book geneology of copyists identify various texts by age - the ones with fewer "copied from the hand of Priest" are believed to be newer. Most scholars believe the Great Library would have the original copy of every book in the other libraries, though some with more excitable imaginations believe the Library would also have every book that would ever be written.
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