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The Bold

Is the Bold a "good" or "evil" goddess? That's a matter of perspective and the moment. She's been attributed as the patron for wars of expansion, but also just as likely to favor the should-be loser if they're cunning enough to win. She guards the treasuries and merchants, but will smile and laugh as she points the way for thieves to make their way in. Good? Evil? She's more about whoever follows her domains the most.

Divine Domains

The Bold is generallity considered the deity of Ambition, Strategy, and Trade in Thydian religion.   In stories, she is found to be inconsistently siding with the villain in one story, and the heroes in another, with the only consistent aspect being how the side she supports is clever about how they face extreme odds.   She has, unofficially, also gained a following among gamblers who chase the high of "winning big" on extreme odds. If she actually favors any of them or not, is uncertain, though from the stories, she's been described as the deity who has won favors from the other gods when backing the expected loser who became a winner - without direct divine interferance.   She is also, unofficially, considered to be the Lady's and Negotiator's fellow victory goddess, despite the lack of a deity of either victory or defeat in the pantheon.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Most pictoral symbols of The Bold are of the sword and bow crossing over a pile of coins. However, most of her followers will sew a coin into their belt or quiver, and then emboss that location with the crossed sword and bow.

Tenets of Faith

Some claim the core tenet of the Bold is "By any means, victory," and the priests would chuckle and gently correct. The Bold has limits on what she favors - she does not favor the reckless, for example.   She does not favor those who see overwhelming odds and accepts defeat. She has been described as a deity of adversity, preferring when followers and non-followers alike take steps to plan or work around to overcome the challenges set before them.  



As with the other Thydian deities, most of the Bold's stories are reconstructions, so her divine origins are a matter of academic debate.   One possible origin suggest the Bold was related to Styn, the Elder Twin due to both taking entertainment from mortals overcoming challenges they seemingly shouldn't.   Another theory suggests she is connected to the Negotiator and the Lady as part of a trio of Victory goddesses.


From academically reconstructed myths and the stories that come after the Adrakian Empire's fall, the Bold is similar to Styn in how she will also reward those who pass her tests or entertain her. However, she doesn't usually let the mortals know they're up for her entertainment or tests. Most of those stories end with her showing up to award the unlikely winner with a lavish gift.
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