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The Black Link

An indestructible crystal cube used by the leaders of the Keratos Empire for centuries. It is a Communication type of Crystalform, already rare, but its link to the specific cubes held by foreign rulers give it an unshackable power.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Like other Farspeech Crystals, the Black Link is activated by touch on specific faces and then proceeds to display an image of all participants from the perspective of their own cubes. The lack of distinctive feature make it hard to spot which does which without visual clues such as a leather strap or a marking over the spotless surface. There is also the matter of not blocking the "view" from the crystal.

Whatever the case the Black Link is used for conferences involving all parties. As such a common time and specific rituals have been put in place to facilitate debate. The fact that every participant is distant avoids the risk of assassination, but the weight of words carried through such a devices does not change in the sligghest and the Ambassadors or even the Lord-Emperor need to mind their tones.


The Black Link has served in negotiations between the Demon race and the outer world, allowing sound and image to be shared even at incredible distances such as between Tal Shoth and Sang-Fond. As a direct line between the rulers of multiple realms, its political importance is beyond measure. To lose the Black Link would produce a grave diplomatic wound, allowing secret meetings and quick alliances to take place without the Empire's immediate knowledge.


Ambassadors of each countries have a usual meeting of sort to report the evolution of the status quo and discuss public exchanges. They warn about famines, incoming diseases, war declarations, new technologies and trade deals for hours at a time. In times of crisis the Black Link can be used by other representatives to publicly challenge or beckon other countries to solve the issues currently faced.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Current Location
Related Technologies
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Extremely rare item.
Unique configuration.

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