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Keratos Empire ([kɛɹəˈtəʊs])

"From the ashes of this Republic, built hastily and fallen slowly, yet arose a mighty Empire. The Verdant Steppes upon which the Demons had persisted [...] were harsh. It was sure and natural that a power harsh in its essence would come to direct its settlers eventually."
From the Saga of the Demon Empire.
  Also known as the Demon Empire, Keratos is a nation of conquerors nestled in the unfruitful Verdant Steppes. It is the bold successor to the Daemonis Republic, born out of long period of civil-unrest that forced each City-State to reformat itself to the ambitions of militaristic insurgents. Collectivism and pragmatism now dominates in this, the largest Empire of the East. Its history is one of ruthless expansion with the idea of the legendary Eternal Conquest still alive and well in the mind of the populace. With this dream comes a modern desire to rekindle its golden age.

Public Agenda

Survive the growing threats to their existence (monsters, invaders, famines...) Integrating cultures, languages and arts from other realms. Spreading pragmatical philosophies as well as prove their might. Getting rich and powerful enough to reconquer Orbido.


Extremely developped agriculture, inspired by the Eastern Realms. Great diamond mines near the Ebony Mountain. Best collection of Monster furs, ivories, scales, and other remains in the World. Biggest castles and fortification in existence (The Ebony Castle, Mor Toith's city walls, the Blue Citadel...)


Much of the Empire's territory has regressed in modern days. With the fall of Oveny a few years ago, the nation has well and truly returned to its original boundaries from before the Eternal Conquest.
Verdant Steppes:
A vast expanse of green-tinted steppes that expands from the eastern coast to the natural barriers of the Crescent Basin. Good soil is hard to come by and monsters roam in decent numbers, forcing the population into city-states or the occasional fortified villages alongside the vital riverbeds. Most of the Imperial population resides in this great region.
Kaparis Lowlands:
Uneven grasslands that connect Keratos to the Carsil Forest. The area is ocasionnaly overrun by monsters from the forest, but the presence of good soil at this lower latitude makes exploiting the territory an enticing prospect. The city of Loanath is in development there.
Clay Cliffs:
A network of varied cliffaces alongside an endless coastline. It marks the eastern edge of the Empire. The City-State of Orathens rules from one of the opened rifts. It collects the useful stones, tin, and flint the region has to offer and allows peaceful access to the sea.
Mount Ebenos:
Great black solitary peak that serves as the spiritual heart of the Keratos Empire as well as its emblem. It is an extinct volcano of peculiar shape and dark colors that sinks into a green lush forest that was painstakingly cleared of hostiles a long time ago. The Imperial capital of Tal Shoth lies at its feet.
Cold Steppes:
The Cold Steppes are the north-eastern parts of the Verdant Steppes, conventionnaly determined when the landscape starts to lose its green-inclined visuals. They gnaw at the foot of the Blunter Range. With lowered temperatures and a decent access to water, it is a peaceful yet unproductive part of the Empire despite its technical proximity to the Dwarven Kingdom.


With almost 200 000 soldiers just in its Kratoth Legion, Keratos is considered to be the greatest military force in Orbido. The added racial traits of Demons as well as the countless enhanced officers of its rank make them a force to be reckonned with. While it lacks the many Demon Lord who wan perfectly count as armies in their own right, the Empire is building confidence in its capacity to wage war beyond its borders.

Technological Level

Advanced level of technologies. The Demon Empire are paticularily known for laying down cities in an eficient manner, building sturdy roads, and perfecting warfare. They build aqueducts storng enough to weather monster attacks as well as giant bridges over large rivers. Craftmanship is not as developped as Dwarven lands, but the Demons have made considerable advancements in tools to accelerate farming and lumbering. Transportation based on carrier horses and monsters is far more perfected in the Demon Emire than any other countries, ho lack both tamers and the know-how to make great caravans. Sanitation is developped in Imperials lands. Common baths and thermal stations are available to the public for free. Imperials have obtained a rough understanding of microbes and keep their hands clean regularly.


No religions are taboo so long as the believers' behavior abides by the rules of the Empire.

Agriculture & Industry

Very agricultural based economy, landowners are encouraged to grow as many plants as possible. The great amount of jewels extracted from the Ebony mountain and the Iron in some regins have helped the industries.

Trade & Transport

Relies on rivers to transport goods to and fro between the City-States.


The Education system is the pride of the Empire, but is view as heartless and inhuman by many realms. Children are seperated from their parents early on to join the free yet mandatory life-schools.

Glory and Glow

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Demon Empire, the Land of Conquest, the Hungry Realm
Predecessor Organization
Keratian, Imperial
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Suns. Bronze, silver or gold coins showing one of the symbols of the empire.
Major Exports
Exports Diamonds and precious stones everywhere. Exports veggies and meat to neighbours. Exports mercenaries and Travelers to certain allied states. Offers trade for magical devices and technologies with closest friends.
Major Imports
Imports metals, honey and monster furs from Blunter. Rice and silk from Menia. Spices from Arbeka. Fruits from the Feral Isles.
Judicial Body
The Ortho Legion and its Astynomian leaders are the police force of the Empire. Judgement however is rendered by the ruling bodies depending on the scope of the crimes. Meaning the district leader, the governor, or the Imperial Council may have to intercede.
Official Languages
Related Traditions
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Species

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