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"A Lord-Emperor is both pinacle and foundation. Are you worthy?"
First Question of the crowning ceremony
  The Lord-Emperor is the unrivaled sovereign of the oligarchic Demon Empire, as well as Demonkind as a whole. Lord-Emperors have always been Demon Lords who, besides having evolved into this rare state, have also proven worthy beyond all doubt of leading the militaristic Empire. Victory in battle, ruthlessness in rhetoric, and a practical mind.   A Lord-Emperor listens to the Demon Council on affairs of State. Despite being basically the strongest being in the East, it is extremely rare for a Lord-Emperor to leave the Capital and lead troops into battle.


Although no restrictions are set in stone, the title is exclusive to Demons  who have successfully transformed into Demon Lords. The evolution is not enough on its own. The candidate must have lead troops in battle and achieved victory, leading to a great boon to the Empire.

Cultural Significance

The Emperor is the personnification of the entirety of the Empire. A strong Emperor belongs to a strong Empire and most Emperors have proved themselves worthy through great public trials and. As such, the holder is worshipped and respected by the entirety of the population who know about their achievments and strengths.

Notable Holders

Self proclaimed
Alternative Naming
Orbido's Bane
Equates to
Heavenly Patriarch (August Menia Kindom ) Root-Seeker (Elven Realm) Tribesmaster (Feral Isles) Emperor (Eastern Realms)
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