Thror's Laser Pistol

Thror was one of many spaceship captains, hauling miner's minerals and rocks to their destination. As was typical in the less populated portions of the belts, pirates were prevalent and regularly attempted to take ships, crew, or cargo from legitimate ships for their nefarious purposes.    Pirates did not typically do much harm to ships as that would damage them or the cargo, so boarding actions were common and all crews were equipped to defend against them. In one particular raid, Thror's ship was attacked in turn by three different pirate groups, one after the other. Legend has it that Thror was able to repel them due to the laser pistol that he owned, which never seemed to run out of power. Without time to recharge, and without seemingly to reload batteries, he kept firing at boarders and successfully repelled the pirates, one after the other.    After that, Thror was never seen with an extra battery pack on his belt. While he never again faced that many attacks in quick succession, when he was attacked, he still never seemed to run his laser out of battery power. His weapon did not appear to do more than normal damage, although he was also a very good shot, even at longer ranges. On several occasions he was asked to participate in shooting matches, but always declined stating that while he used his pistol in defence, it was not a toy and not for sport. When Thror died peacefully in his sleep, his will left the laser for display in the Star & Dragon Yacht Club Facilities Building where it is kept to this day.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Standard laser pistol, but equipped with an extra powerful battery pack for it's size, allowing a nearly unlimited number of shots to repel a large number of boarders.


Used by Captain Thror to defend his vessel against boarding pirates.
Owning Organization
This is a one-of-a-kind item
Weight of 0.6 kilograms
0.3 meter barrel
Base Price
Cr 1300


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