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Eye of Luna

Around the time of The Disappearance of Luna, a mysterious artefact appeared in Stronghold Geisl. The priests serving in the castle took the artefact with them and hid it for no one to find.  

The Lantern

The Eye of Luna is a sinister object. Most notable is its size, as the lantern is about 40cm high and has a circular base with a 15cm radius. The frame is made of a material that doesn't come from Hesli. It is best described as an aluminium like metal. It is very light, yet sturdy too. Putting a dent in the frame won't be easy, if possible at all. The panels are made from a foreign material also. It seems obsidian, glass-like, but so dark it is hard to see what is inside other than the eye itself.   Yes, the eye; light blue and engulfed in hot blue flames, it is the only object that can be seen through the glass-like exterior. The rest of the contents of the lantern are too hard to see to identify. It seems like a liquid of sorts that keeps the eye somewhat in the middle of the lantern. From the looks of it, the liquid isn't affected by the fire. On the contrary, it even seems to preserve it as well.   Rumours are circulating that the eye inside the lantern is actually an eye of Luna. She was known to have these light blue, piercing eyes. However, with her gone, no one can confirm if these rumours are true.  

Foreign Materials

Even though the lantern consists of foreign materials to the world of Hesli, they closely resemble materials found here. Still, it is certain that many people, especially researchers at Morach, would be highly interested in studying it to identify the materials and figure out where it came from.  


The Eye of Luna has some extraordinary magical abilities. The lantern grants the user holding it, including everyone within a 10ft radius, safe passage through magical darkness. Whilst the user and companions cannot see for themselves, the lantern will warn and guide them through the use of colour flashes and a pull. The best comparison would be as a piece of steel that has a strong force towards a magnet.   While it primarily works for magical darkness, the lantern can also detect malicious magical objects, specifically the portal type.
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30 Jul, 2021 06:23

Interesting artifact! I like that it's some sort of glowing firey orb is suspended on a liquid, but no one knows really what the orb or the liquid are.   I am intrigued as to why did the priests hid the artifact and why. There is also no sense of time, so how long ago was this artifact hidden, and how well known is it for the general people? It could be something to add to the sidebar, maybe as a quote even.

30 Jul, 2021 09:03

Thank you!   It is currently unknown why the priests have hidden the artifact, but I'll flesh that out after summercamp. It is part of the plot for the campaign that I plan to run in this world. Eventually, my players will come to know this.   As for the sense of time, I haven't figured out my timeline yet and all the times. Hence I kept it blank, but that's definitely a thing I want to figure out in the upcoming months. I have more articles now where time is "non-existent" and it bugs me too. >.<

Plans are brewing for this WorldEmber. See what I'm up to for the upcoming months in Computer Adventures!