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Soulcage Crown of the Spectral Magi

This crown once belonged to a wizard known for their brutality and power hungry nature, the aether magi, the spellcaster who specialised in extra-planar magics relating to the cosmic orrery. Eventually though it would find its way into the possession of another aether mage, who would uncover the sole cage crown was partaking in an archaeological excavation in an unfamiliar realm, where rooms of the primordial civilisation lay in wait to be found. It was not by mere chance that she was at that particular site in an entirely foreign realm at this time though, know this had been predetermined with her previous encounters. In the weeks leading to her expedition, she had a multitude of otherworldly experiences, even more unusual than her normal aether practices. Her spells and rituals would be accompanied by a series of voices, ranging from a whisper to screaming, strangely in any tone from barely audible to outright deafening. Each of these would revealed her clues that said something was waiting for her in the other side and all she had to do was tune into the magic she had channelled into her casting for so many years. Sure enough this would lead her to one of the first recorded realm gates. Within the Crips of the once great civilisation sat a chamber of geometrically shaped marble walls and shallow trenches carved into the floor. The walls of the chamber aligned with burial plots, filled with the bones of the deceased, while at the end of the temple-sized chamber was a throne, upon which slouched the perfectly preserved body of some kind of role clearly of arcane profession. Surrounding him in an arc stand alters, seven of them in total, all of which were adorned with skeletal remains coated in thick layers of dust and dirt, one with a dagger plunged into the heart. Upon the rulers temples rested a crowd of bronze, woven intricately branching off into seven spires, each containing a translucent teal coloured gemstone, all of which have a faint glow emanating from the. Upon removing the crown from the wizard is quite a surge of energy was released and when it was removed from the burial chamber its former owner snapped back to life. Ever since this mistake he has hunted down the regalia for decades, mercilessly dispatching of anyone in his path. His obsession with the Crown as a result of the power contained within the gemstones. Each of them contains a trapped soul of the spellcaster, ranging from archdruids to magi and high priests/priestesses. To harvest and command the souls of the spellcaster's, the wielder must be a spellcaster. Through the Crown the wearer can cast the same spells known by the souls prior to their sacrifice. Each soul has its own action on the same initiative as the wearer, in addition to the wearer's action (maximum of eight actions per turn). The spellcaster knows the spells the Castor had prepared when they were alive and can use an action to call for what the power of one of the casters spirits Castor one of those spells. The trapped souls regenerate the spells at a rate appropriate to the souls spellcaster class, afterwards. Currently there are seven spellcaster's souls caged in the Crown (the class and level of which may be chosen by your DM). DM notes: when all spells lots of one of the souls are used, they are uncaged and released into the aether, while the soul of the wielder is trapped in its place inside gemstone. Their stance and spell list are used in place of the former soul. The Crown can only be destroyed by reuniting each of trapped souls of the spellcaster is with the remains you away spell while the crown is placed on the head. One wish must be used per soul, only after which it will be vulnerable to destructive spells of seventh level or higher.


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