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The Hammer that continues to Fall - Anguïrin (An-gwïr-in)

A hammer made with a head of pure Mythril. The haft and pommel made of an alloy of both Mythril and Steel. With the sturdiest of treated Boars-hide straps to support the haft and a Boars-hide grip for comfort, this hammer is made for war. It bears the insignia of some long-forgotten Dwarven house or family. Showing a symbol of 2 of Moradin's hammer, crossed at an X and encircled in flowing ale. A set of Dwarven runes is inscribed on the pommel. spelling out a single name, Anguïrin.     This item is a +3 Warhammer of Resilience. It gives a +3 to hit bonus and a +4 to Damage (+1 from the Mythril). On top of this, the wielder of the hammer feels the strength of a dozen of Moradin's Hammers, his strongest Dwarven defenders. But can only call upon the excess vitality during combat or when in danger. The true strength of this weapon will only show when the owner senses an enemy. While endangered, the wielder can pour a magical ale from the house emblem on the hammers head, drinking it once per combat and gaining temporary Constitution. This drink can only be imbibed and used by the wielder though. As the saying goes, "A Dwarf who can't finish his own ale is no Dwarf at all."   The history of Dwarven kind hints at the existence of many powerful weapons throughout the ages. Clangeddin Silverbeard has his famed axes. Haela Brightaxe has the great Flamebolt, a two-handed sword made seemingly too large to be wielded. While Moradin is known more for having the strongest and heartiest of Dwarven Warrior Priest as his grandest weapon. But amongst these of his children were many exceptional smiths and artisans. Keen on creating the sharpest blades, or the quickest axes. In one long-thought-dead clan hall, there used to be a master hammersmith. With all records of him lost, and decades dividing his kin from his memory. His true name was lost and his legend was renamed by peers. He became "The Ever-Maul" and is toasted to after any battle with orcs where hammers rained over orcish skulls.   -STATS -Is a +3 Mythil Warhammer of Resilience (+3 to hit, +4 to Dam) -1/battle can be activated, using a full round, to gain +2 temp Constitution (with all accompanying bonuses) and 10 ghost HP. Lasts 5rds for every 3 points of Wisdom. -While wielded, causes the owners body degrade at 1/2 speed. Meaning that they will age half as fast and poisons and diseases will be slowed the same amount. Does not work while the wielder is unconscious. -Any worshipper of Moradin will recognize the symbol as a long perished lineage of Moradin's Hammers. (The famous Dwarven warrior-priests) This can lead to a deep respect of the wielder as an honorary Dwarf-friend. Or, depending on the situation, can sow a deep distrust and hatred for the wielder. With the Dwarves seeing the owner as a possible murderer of the rightful Dwarven owner or a filthy grave digger and defiler.


Considered a Dwarven Relic and symbol of Moradin.
Item type
Weapon, Melee

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