Mana pestle

Uh, I recognize that one. It's another one of them mana stealing artifacts...right? Let's quickly destroy it before anyone finds out about it.
  The mana pestle is used to take mana from a living creature's nonphysical mana pool and drag it into reality and a physical form as a powder.   The intangible mana is ground against a regular or a specially made mortar with the pestle which creates the mana powder in the mortar. It is possible to continue grounding until the mana pool of the creature is completely depleted.   The mana pestle is the only artifact whose creator is known. His name was Mortel and he died in 957BO. The reason why he is known is that the pestle together with the Carmine door locks are the newest addition to the list of artifacts in Idyll.   If you use up all the mana in your Mana pool you will die so being able to take a powder to fill up your pool when it is needed was revolutionary for the people that Mortel introduced the pestle to. He created 17 of them before he passed away and as far as his friends know he did not share how to create them with anyone else.   At least 9 of the 17 pestles have been destroyed by the Dragon Council, 3 have been acquired and distributed by The Purple Hand among their members and where the remaining 5 are nobody knows.  


The pestle is ivory, smooth, and appears to be made out of dragon teeth. There are some old Draconic symbols on it that very few people recognize as well as some other rune-like symbols. The top of the pestle has also been opened and closed, leading those who have studied the pestles to believe that there is another unknown material inside them.
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16 Jul, 2021 17:38

I really like the idea of a pestle that is grinding someone's mana out of "thin air". The idea of stealing someone's innate mana is also neat!

17 Jul, 2021 01:22

:) The pestle and a summoner was used in my novel so they are base artifacts in my world. XD;; ...without them there wouldn't be a novel. ^^;;

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