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He considers burying his phone when it dies while he's in Idyll
I'm not too trusting of people, I can count the people I trust on one finger. So stop talking nonsense.
— August
  August Dahl was born into a family of four, with two dogs and a white picket fence. He was an unexpected surprise. The family had not planned to add another member to their family, and they treated him as such.   August didn't learn until a couple of years after he had become a timid adult that his mother had cheated on his father with a one-night stand around the time of his conception. The entire family knew about it, but they refused to acknowledge it.  


Alexander Dahl, a 61-year-old dentist, and Elaine Dahl, a 59-year-old doctor, are August's parents. He has two older siblings, Evan and Marie. They are fraternal twins and am 8 years older than August.   The two family dogs that they already had when August was born, have now been dead for several years. The family got a cat a couple of years after who is still alive. His name is Bon and he is a blue Birman that is 13 years old. Bon lives together with August's parents. August has been living alone since he started university.  


August had a best friend in middle, high school, and in university. However, he doesn't interact that much with the three of them anymore since they have grown apart.  


August's family lived in a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden when he was born and they still live there. Which means that he had to choose a program to study during High School. He chose social science because the friend he had in middle school choose that. They ended up in different schools, though.   When August finished high school, he didn't know what he wanted to do as an adult and his parents had no opinions about it. He picked Library and information science. At the age of 24 August graduated as a librarian.  


His cell phone. It holds all his music, all his books and it can answer any of his questions. He doesn't think that he would be able to survive without it...
Year of Birth
1227 RO 32 Years old
House / Order
Bookbinding, calligraphy, journaling (bullet and scrapbooking), drawing, games, hiking, betting, and adventuring.
Spicy food, candy, traveling, flying, dice games, card games, tabletop games, new book smell, and rom-coms.
Crowded rooms, shopping, rain, needles, pancakes, and wet clothes.
Sexual orientation
Romantic orientation
Love Language
Quality time


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