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Hey! Look Zamarca, another Other.
August to Zamarca
  The others are beings that are summoned from other worlds to the world of Idyll.  


Their anatomy is as different as the worlds that they are coming from. But the most common beings that are summoned are bipedal beings with two legs, two arms, a torso and a head with rounded ears. They look a lot like elves but are shorter and stockier. Most of them are calling themselves Humans.  

Genetics & Reproduction

Those who arrive on Idyll from the same worlds can reproduce with each other. But that very rarely happens. The humans can also reproduce with the Dragons but that is very much frowned upon.    

Growth rate & Stages

Those who have been summoned to Idyll are usually adults. But those Others who have managed to reproduce with each other have the same growth rate and stages as they do on their own planets.   The Others born on Idyll learn to use magic a lot better than those who were summoned. The summoned Others generally only learn a spell or two.  


The Mana pools of the Others are larger than the pools of the beings born on the planet. Nobody knows why yet. It’s frustrating for some that the Others barely learn to use what they have access to.
79 years
Average Height
1.7 meter
Average Weight
62 kg
Population in Korda
Average intelligence
The Others are always sapient.
Geographic distribution
They have appeared all across the world.
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But for the last 40 years several of them have appeared in the village of Carmine.
Uses & byproducts
Mana powder.
Images coming after WorldEmber, so sometime in 2021.


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