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Wow...but it's pretty small for being the largest city in the world...
August to Zamarca
  Korda is the only city in the entire world of Idyll. It sits around the largest harbor in the world and on several trade routes.  


The first written mention of Korda is in 120 BO, around 1379 years ago. Around this time this area was inhabited by nomadic Bugfolk. Another tribe of Bugfolk from the more southern parts came up the river and settled down to form this settlement in 187 RO. There were some skirmishes with the nomadic tribe until they merged into one.   The settlement began farming cotton, flaxen and silk as well as trading merchandise with the other villages in the Valley of The Sun. The Village started growing and in 994-996 RO a war started brewing.   The war ended with The Korda Alliance, which lead to a lot of other species moving into the village. The Korda Alliance is the city's governing organization.  


The city sits on the edge of a bay. Korda also has the largest harbor in the world. The area has a couple of hills and a large forest is surrounding the city.  


There are Four guard towers protecting the city. The Northern Guard Tower, The Western Guard Tower, and The Eastern Guard Tower. The Southern Guard Tower is a lighthouse, guarding the city against sea monsters and watching out for the ships searching for the harbor in the dark.   The The Order of Monsterthorn is mainly responsible for the defense of the city but they delegate the protection of the city to many of the other orders.  


There are wagons that will transport you across the city for a fee, these wagons can be drawn by either people or mounts. Bicycles are also a mount that has become quite popular to use on the city streets in the last couple of years.  


There are several schools spread over the districts of the city. The children go to these schools between the ages of 6 to 16 years old. When they turn 16 years old, they are supposed to start work training. They will start working after their Maturity Ceremony.  


The city hosts many holiday festivals in public parks as well as theater and opera productions at the Moonsky Theater. The city also has smaller theater halls where smaller theater groups and musicians play.   The city also has two newspapers. One that gives out daily news with the articles about the goings-on in the city and one that publishes once a week, which has articles more centered on the world at large.  


There is a large sports arena where games are held. The yearly cups for Twister Ball & Rumble Race are held there while the smaller games up to the cups are held on school grounds.   There are buildings where people play some games that illegal as well.  

The Markets

There are two markets available in this settlement. One in the Old Center Square and a second at the New Center Square. The market on the old center square usually has wares from villages close to the city, like wines and daily groceries. This place is smaller and usually only older people visits, as well as those who visits the small shops who still exist around the centre.   The market on the New Center Square have wares from places further away from the city, like jewelry from Zarinth and salt from The Sand Bowl.
Founding Date
187 RO
89 195
Related Ethnicities
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization
Related Tradition (Primary)
Characters in Location
Related Professions
Related Materials
Bugfolk - 31%
Elves - 29,1%
Dragons - 25,7%
Misc. - 14,1%
Others - 0,1%     Ages
0 to16 - 16,7%
17 to 25 -12,7%
26 to 45 - 30%
46 to 65 - 21,5%
66 to - 19,1%


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