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The Long Pub

...I love their pies. Your stew is better though, Zamarca.
— August to Zamarca
This pub has become a place that many tourists visit when they come to Korda.  

The area

The pub is located in a building a couple of blocks away from the new center square. The building houses a couple of apartments on top of the pub. The buildings in this block are all relatively new and have plumbing.   Who owns the building is unknown. The renters of the apartment pay the owner of the pub. The owner then put their money together with what he has to pay in rent for the pub in an envelope. This envelope he then puts in a box in his office that only he has the keys to. A couple of days later the money will have disappeared.  

The exterior

The building is made out of dark grey stone and the roof is made out of red clay tiles. The building is sitting snuggly between two other buildings. The door is made out of black wood that is intricately carved with what looks like gems and crystals. Above the door hangs a sign that only says "Long". The two other floors have normal windows but the ground floor where the pub is has stained glass.  

The interior

Inside the entrance door is a small hallway. Across from the entrance is a basic door that leads to a public bathroom with a couple of stalls. The archway on the wall on the left from the entrance door leads to the pub.   On the other side of the archway is a long room. On the right side is a bar with a couple of bartenders and maids. There is chair against the bar and this is where most of the visitors sits. On the left side, against the wall with the stained windows, there are a couple of small tables with room for 3 people. These tables have lanterns in the middle of them. Between the windows, there are also light fixtures in iron holding candles.  

The menu

The pub is famous for its pies and ice cream, especially their lemon pie, even more than they are famous for their beverages and cozy ambiance.   Their menus have different kinds of stew and meat pies. A couple of warm and spicy beverages as well as a couple of ice cream-based beverages. And some fruit and berry pies for deserts.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Opening hours
Weekdays: 10am-8pm
Weekends: 10am-3am


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