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The Orkward Corner

The outsides looks very...rustic, but this inn is rated 10 stars in Nokzel's book of "Inns and Taverns around the world".
— A tourist to another tourist.
  This inn is one of many inns in the center of the only city in the world, Korda. But it is also one of the more popular ones. Partly because the inn has an extensive library, the Inn owner is a member of a guild of book crazy people, and partly because of the poetry nights on weekends.   The inn is located in the same block as The Golden Scale Bakery and The Bliss Tea Room. The Inn's Pub feature bread and pastries from the bakery.  


The building was built by Filorda's grandfather and father when their House first moved to Korda. At first, the building was a residential home. But when most of Filorda's relatives died in a Monster Attack on the city, Filorda rebuilt the building into an inn and opened up her father's collection of books for others to view. Since the deaths of her relatives, she has added to this collection and also put protection spells on several of the books.  


Spell lights and large nature paintings make the dark wooden interior of the inn cozy and bright.   After the creaking entrance door is a small foyer with the check-in desk built into the far wall. To the left is the door to the pub, which can also be reached from outside the building. To the right is the staircase to the upper floor. Past the check-in desk is the way to the library, as well as the private quarters of Filorda, her partner, and her adoptive son.   The inn has 8 single rooms and 4 double rooms, one of which is extra large, and the inn is almost always full.  


The library reaches both floors and can be viewed in its entirety from a balcony on the second floor. In one of the corners is a small stage where several armchairs have gathered around. In this area, the Inn has several events. Like book readings, poetry nights, and book club meetings.   In the world of Idyll, books are expensive and somewhat hard to come by, so the books and the library itself have traps and spells in place to protect them.  


This place, like the library, is frequented by a lot of locals. The cooks that Filorda has hired are high quality, and the small buffet available during the weekends is popular.   The pub serves alcohol, the aforementioned buffet, pastries, and a diverse menu of food.   The pub has a large fireplace with armchairs in front of it, a small stage for musical entertainment, and around 5 tables for couples and 10 tables that seat four people.
Building inspired by:
Janet Forbes & Dimitris Havlidis
Parent Location
Official employees
6 part-time workers
Check-in times
Weekdays: 10am-6pm
Weekends: 10am-2pm
Library Public opening hours
Weekdays: 11am-6pm
Weekends: 9am-8pm
Pub opening hours
Weekdays: 8am-11pm
Weekends: 10am-2am


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