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The Bliss Tea Room

You don't know what true bliss is until you've visited the Bliss Tea Room
— One friend to another
The Bliss Tea Room is a popular cafe among the Dragon population in the village of Korda. It's also a popular spot to visit for Dragon tourists, however, people who don't know the village or have friends here have a harder time finding the small Tea Room where its entrance is hiding in the back of The Golden Scale Bakery building.  

Finding the Tea Room

The building of The Golden Scale Bakery sits snugly between two other buildings facing the large village center of Korda. These three buildings are also attached to a couple of other buildings. It's not possible to walk between these buildings. They are either built together or the area between them is fenced in. So visitors will have to walk down to a crossroad and walk down the road parallel to the village center.   To confuse matters even more, the buildings don't look the same as they do on the other side. Most of the doors on these buildings also look like private houses. The Tea Room can be found by knocking on a black door with a yellow painted symbol that looks like a waning moon. A person will open the door, let the visitor in, and lead them up a solid but old wooden staircase. While opening the door at the top of the stairs they will welcome the visitors to the Bliss Tea Room.  

The Room

The room behind the door is large. Around 60 X 60 meter. It’s also around 2.5 meters from the floor to the ceiling.   There are no windows in the walls instead the entire ceiling is a skylight.   The entrance is in the middle of one of the walls and when entering the room the visitor will see 10 low tables in the middle of the room. These tables are 260 cm in diameter and 55 cm high. Around these tables, there are several colorful sitting pillows on the floor. Around the walls, there are several more tables and colorful sitting pillows, but these are hidden behind colorful screen walls.  

The Visitors

The people visiting the Tea Room used to be only Dragons, but in later years the Dragons have invited their friends from other species. Now around half of the visitors are dragons and the other half is mostly Elves and Beastfolk. Like with the species, in the beginning, this establishment was only visited by The Order of Monsterthorn but now the visitors are more diverse.   To visit, a person will have to be a member of a House or an Order which means that all visitors are past maturity. The older clientele, those who have retired from their work positions, usually visit during the weekdays while the younger groups visit during the afternoons and weekends.   Visitors who wish to entertain themselves sit down at the tables in the middle of the room while those who wish to be entertained sit down at the more secluded tables around the walls. Visitors can also pay for soundproof private rooms.   Jump to top  

The Menus

The basic menu for the teas and other beverages contains classics like Morningdew Tea and Cinderberry Cream Shake. These menus very rarely change. The basic menu contains 25 items while there are four smaller menus with 10 items each that are available depending on certain conditions. One of these menus is the “Sunny day menu” which is only available, as the name implies, during sunny weather. The other three menus are named: “Rainy day menu”, “Afternoon menu” and “Weekend menu”. The afternoon and weekend menus contain alcoholic beverages. There is also a limited-edition beverage that changes every week. There are some visitors who visit at least once a week only to taste the new beverage.   The bread and pastries available at the tea room are made in The Golden Scale Bakery downstairs. They have created a basic menu of 13 items that is also sold in the bakery. Once a week they create a limited edition sandwich and a limited edition pastry that is only available at the Tea Room. These usually compliment the limited edition beverage.   The tea room also have a menu with different kinds of soups. There is only one basic menu available.   The last menu is a menu that is only oral and only available at the more secluded tables.   Jump to top
Cafe / Tearoom
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Weekdays: 9am-11pm
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