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Sanzaia's House

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Sanzaia has lived in this house for the last 200 years and she plans to keep this house until she dies. It’s the favorite out of all of the houses that she has had previously. She doesn’t recall the others that much though.  

The area

This house was built in an area that sits right between the old center square and the new center square in the city of Korda. In this area only rich people live, the houses are spacious a well kept.   The area has plumbing and most of the houses have electricity, but not all of the houses use it.  

The Exterior

The house is built out of stone like most houses in Korda. Dragon houses mostly are. The house is rectangular, with the long sides being around 22 meters and the short sides being 12 meters.   A wooden fence circles the yard that is 24 x 24 meters. The yard behind the house is a garden that is somewhat taken care of. Sanzaia works in it when she is home but she’s out and about traveling pretty often to keep up with her friends and their families. The roof has grass, flowers, and a couple of bushes growing out of it. A ladder is leaning against the wall.   The house has one large window each on the short sides, these windows are floor to ceiling and are about 4 meters wide. 4 smaller windows sit on each long side.   The entrance is in the middle of the long side at the front of the house. A patio with a lot of flowers is in front of the entrance door. The entrance door is made out of wood and glass and it has a large lock that you need a key for. Sanzaia is currently the only one with a master key and Zamarca is currently the only one with a copy.  

The Interior

Inside the entrance door is a rectangular hallway. The entrance door is placed on one of the short sides of the rectangle. Across from the entrance door, on the other short side, sits a large dark wooden door with intricate carvings. The hallway has large archways on each of the long walls.   The left one leads to a rectangular sitting room. The wall across from the archway has ceiling to floor windows. The long walls are covered from floor to ceiling with bookshelves full of books except for two dark wooden doors with carvings of flowers and trees in each wall. These lead to four rooms two of them are guest rooms and one of the rooms with the window towards the backyard is Sanzaia’s private room, the one next to her room is a storage room with rows of even more bookcases.   The floor in the sitting room is littered with armchairs of different kinds, as well as a couch, and a couple of coffee tables.   The archway to the right of the hallway leads to a rectangle dining room. The short wall, like the sitting room, has a large floor to ceiling window but in this room, the window looks smaller because there are no bookcases in this room covering the walls. Instead, there are paintings covering the walls. Except for two doors on each wall. One of the rooms facing the backyard is Zamarca's private room and the other door next to his room is a guest room and the rooms across from them are the kitchen and a storage room. In the dining room is a large and dark wooden table that can seat 10 people comfortably and large ornate dark wooden chairs with plush fabric.   The door across from the entrance is the door to the bathroom and washing room. Where people can do their business and wash their clothes.  

The Guest rooms

All three guest rooms are almost identical. They all have two large beds and a divan that can be used for a third person meaning that they have room for 9 guests. There are also a desk and a comfortable chair that the guest can sit and write on. The guest room also has two small closets for their guest's clothes.  

Sanzaia's room

Sanzaia have bookcases in her own private room as well, she had a large desk and a plush chair that she used to sit and write at but she does not do that much anymore. She has a large closet with a lot of different kinds of clothes. Her bed is the smallest bed in the house. She doesn't like big beds.  

Zamarca's room

Zamarca has a huge bed with a fluffy mattress that he can sink down into. He has a small closet and the clothes in it are mostly black. He has two outfits made with Dragon fabric and a couple of outfits made with regular fabrics. Against the wall, a large chest is also standing. He keeps items that were important for him during his upbringing in this chest.  

The Kitchen

This rectangular room has a ceiling and floor cabinets on the wall across from the door. In the middle of the floor sits a kitchen isle and on the two short walls, there is a cold box against the left wall and a pantry against the right wall.  

The Storage rooms

The storage room next to the kitchen houses a lot of cleaning supplies and other trinkets that is needed for a house. Zamarca also keeps some of his old stuff in this storage room, he had planned to throw the stuff away but he has a bit of trouble letting go.   The storage room next to Sanzaia's room is full of books and a couple of Sanzaia's knickknacks that she has collected during the 200 years that she has lived in this building.
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1047 RO
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