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Don’t place too much importance on where you were born Zamarca, where do you feel like you belong? Where do you feel accepted?
Sanzaia to Zamarca in the novel "Return Home".
  Sanzaia was hatched so long ago that she barely remembers her parents. She is one of the very few Ancients still alive.  


Sanzaia has vague recollections of her parents. Like her mother’s laugh and her father’s voice. She doesn't know if she had any siblings, she can't recall any and after having talked to other Ancients she knows that clutches of dragons were a lot smaller and way rarer way back when she had been born than what they are now.   Sanzaia has adopted a couple of kids over the years and her current kid is Zamarca. Ze’s old enough to be on zirs own now but ze appears to have problems spreading zirs wings.   Being aromantic she has never felt the need to get a partner, but she has had a couple of squishes on a couple of people, one of them another ancient that died a couple of thousands of years ago.  


Sanzaia is social and thus she has many friends and acquaintances. It makes her sad that so many of them die but she keeps up and stays friends with her friend’s families and their descendants.   The people she enjoys spending time with the most right now is Zamarca, Filorna and Nokzel.  


Sanzaia can read and write and she has gotten an education in everything that has struck her fancy at the time. Those subjects she got an education in thousands of years ago are a little hazy though.   Sanzaia is one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to magic. If not the most knowledgeable. However, she does not use as much magic as she used to so her knowledge has become a bit hazy on the subject.  

Most important possession

Her book collection and the house that she hoards the collection in.
Year of Birth
73057 BO 74316 Years old
Ruled Locations
Socializing, reading, gardening, and traveling.
Books and people
Sleeping and unreasonable people
Sexual orientation
Romantic orientation
Love Language
Words of affirmation


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