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Let's get back to work!
— Filorna
  Filorna Dare is the owner of the The Orkward Corner Inn in the city of Korda. She runs the Inn together with her two partners, her three children and 6 part-time workers.  


Filorna was born into a family of several people, in a small village named Wringa. When she was a toddler a Monster Attack killed more than half the village. Several of her family members died. The tiny village had a hard time bouncing back from the attack. What was left of Filorna's family decided to move to the safety of the only city in the world, Korda. Filnorna, her father and one of his partners, a couple of her siblings and her grandfather.   Filorna grew up in the large city of Korda, she felt safe there. Until monsters attacked the city. The attack didn't make that much damage on the city, the attacks on Korda never did, but her family. They worked as merchants and guards, and all of them died in the attack.   With the help of her partners, Karetz and Winnette she rebuilt the family house into an inn and a library to show off her father and grandfather's large book collection.   Winnette and Karetz are the biological parents to two of the trio's children and the third child, Elorden were adopted by Filorda without her partner's input. Her impulsive decision surprised them, but they readily accepted it and now view him as their own as well.  


Filorna has a lot of friends around the city. She loves to talk about books with Sanzaia, who also helps Filorna with all the protective spells she has on her books. Okso, a bookbinder, is another of her close friends.  


She can read and write and is educated as an accountant and as a manager. She also holds a pretty prominent position within her House.  


Her father's diary and a book her partners gave her for her first birthday after she started dating them.
Character inspired by:
Janet Forbes & Dimitris Havlidis
Year of Birth
1217 RO 42 Years old
Ruled Locations
House / Order
The Five Clover House
Reading, Weight training & Knifemaking.
Books and knives.
Obnoxious people
Sexual orientation
Romantic orientation
Biromantic / Polyamorous
Love Language
Acts of service


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