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I'm not sure why I'm surprised, I have already met several elves and a dragon...
  The Orcs can be found close to or in The Sand Bowl, however, there are some Orc villages scattered around Valley of The Sun.  


The Orcs are bipedal and thus have two legs, two arms, a torso, and a neck with a head. Their ears are chubby but the tips are slightly pointed. Like the elves their some of their females can have complications with births because of their narrow birthing canals. Though, fewer Orc females have problems than the elves because the Orc females are sturdier than the elves.   Hair grows on top of their heads, it never grows as long as that of the elves though. An Orc's hair rarely grows longer than their shoulders. Many of the Orcs grow beards and their arms and legs are hairy.  


The skin tones of the Orcs are on a spectrum of green, from light to dark but also from green-yellow to green red. These color shifts have always existed across all the places where they have lived, so no specific color can be traced to a specific place.   The Orcs have mostly straight hair but some of the Orcs with a darker complexion have curlier hair than the lighter green ones.  


The Orcs are mammals and give birth to live young. They have two biological sexes that enter puberty when they are around the age of 11-13 years old.   The Orcs get one to three children per birth. They can reproduce again a couple of weeks after they have given birth.  

Growth rate and stages

The growth rate of the Orcs is very similar to that of the elves. A newborn can't do much on their own. A toddler, age 1-3 years old, can walk and babble. A child, between the ages of 4-12 are refining their motor skills and realizing that they are their own self. Adolescence is the age between 13 and up to the Maturity Ceremony. A couple of Orc societies have a young adult stage between 20 to maturity ceremony because they have their maturity ceremony later, around 26-28 years old. After the maturity ceremony is adulthood where people are expected to settle down and start their own family continuing the cycle.
81 years
Average Height
178 centimeters
Average Weight
71 Kilogram
7 999 465
Population in Korda
6 025
Average intelligence
They are sapient.
Geographic distribution
Mostly found in The Sand Bowl or regions close by. A large population is also present in Valley of The Sun
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