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Maturity Ceremony

What is going on here?
— August to Zamarca when trying to visit the market which is closed for this day.
People celebrate this tradition throughout the entire world. The ceremony always takes place at the Summer solstice everywhere, and what happens during the ceremony is also almost the same.  


Coming of age has been an important facet for all the people of the world of Idyll for several thousands of years. When people settled down into settlements they started celebrating the coming of age as ceremonies. All these ceremonies were different all around the world. Until the first couple of Houses were started. When people started working together under specific organizations they also unify their celebrations. Now everybody celebrates this large and important ceremony the same way.  

The Ceremony

At 11 am around the world on the day of the Summer solstice, families who had a child that has turned a specific age during the last year will gather at specific locations around the world.   Which age depends on the House/Order, the village, and the species. In the city of Korda the maturity ceremony will be held for Elves at the age of 21, Bugfolk at the age of 18, Beastfolk at the age of 21, Dragons at the age of 23, and other species at the ages of 18 to 24.   Where they should gather depends on the size of the city, generally, everybody gathers in their settlement's center square. In Korda there are so many people living in the city that the maturity ceremonies take place in several places. The two center squares as well as outside the three Guard towers and at the harbor. For 40 minutes the people will mingle and buy snacks that are available. At 11:40 am people high up in the Houses and Orders present in the settlement will gather up at a stage. They will hold a speech welcoming the new adults and reminding them of the responsibilities that come with adulthood. At 12 pm on the dot, fireworks will set off ending the speech.   After the firework that usually lasts for 10 minutes, every new adult will be called up on the stage where they will speak the adulthood oath and pledge their life, honor, and fidelity to the House or Order that they have chosen. The higher up of that House/Order will present them with a sigil of that House/Order.
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