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Houses & Orders

The Orders are the rim, and the Houses are the spoke.
The Houses and Orders of Idyll are similar to fraternities, but they are much more involved. A member has pledges their Honor and Life to the House or Order that they join.   When a person reaches adulthood they are expected to go through a Maturity Ceremony. During this ceremony the person should pledge their life, honor, and allegiance to either a House or an Order.   Across the World there are several Houses and Orders, and a person usually chooses to join a House or Order that their relatives are a part of, because they have grown up together with them.   Different Houses have different values and cultures. People should choose to join one that lines up with their own, but they don't always do that.  

House vs Order

Houses and Orders are essentially the same thing. However the Orders focus on protection and attack. They are the Guards, the hunters and the law keepers, while the Houses are the plumbers, the bakers and the law makers.  

House/Order vs Guild

A guild is a group within a House or an Order that deal with the specific professions that exist withing that House or Order.
Creating a House/Order
To create a House/Order there have to be at least two founders. At least 2 other leaders from a House/Order have to approve the new House/Order as valid. At least one of the founders have to be able to keep decent paperwork.
Joining a House/Order
To join a House/Order a person will have to apply to the one they want to join well before their Maturity Ceremony . Then they will be approved or denied. When they have gotten approved for one they will announce it during their maturity ceremony.


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