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So, they are the ones with the largest population in this world?
August to Zamarca
  The bugfolk are the most varied species on the planet.  


The Bugfolk have their skeletons on the outside of their bodies, it protects them.   They have a head, with eyes and some races have different kinds of mouths. All of them have at least 1 pair of antennas at the top of their heads. They have necks, a couple of the races have long necks, that connects to their top torso. From this torso they have at least 2 pair of arms and at least 1 pair of legs. They walk upright. A couple of the races also have at least one pair of wings. These wings are also different depending on their races. They have a second torso after the first. This torso is of different sizes depending on their race again.  

Genetics & Reproduction

The Bugfolk reproduce through sexual intercourse, the female will lay eggs after they have been fertilized by the male. It usually takes around a month from when the intercourse happened until she lays the eggs. Usually the eggs will be left alone until the larvae hatch from the eggs. There will be around 5-10 eggs, if the parents aren't quick when the eggs have started hatching the larvae might eat their siblings.   All races can of course reproduce with each other because they are all the same species even though they look so different. If the parent's races are very different the children will either look like a mix between the both of them or more like one of the parents.   Mixed races are often shunned among the races because you are not supposed to mix.  

Growth rate & stages

It will take around 3 months for larvae to hatch from the eggs. These children will be ravenous.  


In this stage the children are only able to move around, eat, and grow. They will be in this stage for around 1 year, At the end of this stage they will turn themselves into pupa.  


In this stage they will not move or do anything. They will stay in this stage for a year to 18 months until they hatch from the pupa as nymphs.  


They look like little adults like these in this stage. Those who have wings will have developed them as a pupa and they will now be usable. The nymphs will learn to move, fly if they have wings and talk. They should also be able to do a couple of spells by the age of 8 years.  


They are counted as adults after their Maturity Ceremony that happens around their 16-20 years depending on the society that they live within. Adult bugfolk are expected form a large family and work a good job to pay for the food of their children.
56 years
Average Height
165 centimeters
Average Weight
67 kilogram
1 502 568 454
Population in Korda
33 015
Average intelligence
The are sapient.
Geographic distribution
All over the world.
Images coming after WorldEmber, so sometime in 2021.


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