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Introduction to Idyll

Hunt or be hunted.
The planet of Idyll has one large continent. It's lush and beautiful but hideous creatures lurk here. It's a kill or be killed world. The sapient people band together to protect themselves from the creatures and each other.  


This planet is the third from the sun in a galaxy far away.
World map
The world map
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Most of the land is covered in forests. A large desert, named The Sand Bowl, covers the middle of the world. Making travel hard for the sapient people and creatures not used to the climate. Many dangerous creatures dwell here. Among them, an angry beetle refered to as The Pest and a large sand wyrm, The Menace.   Across time many small kingdoms on Idyll have risen and fallen. These were a combination of Orders and Houses that never lasted long. Currently, the longest lasting Alliance between Orders and Houses is The Korda Alliance. They run the largest settlement in the world and throughout history.  


Idyll is filled with vicious creatures. Some of them are sapient.
There are several different kinds of non-sentient, sentient, and sapient creatures on Idyll. Most of them are deadly.   The sapient creatures of Idyll are many but the most prominent ones are the Elves and the Merfolk.   The non native sapient creatures inhabiting this planet are the Dragons and the Demons. The Dragons keep to themselves and the Demons usually attack or trick every other sapient creature that they happen to come in contact with.  

Orders & Houses

An Order is usually military related while a House is social and family related.
To protect themselves and their relatives from other creatures and the climate, sapient creatures tend to band together into groups. When these groups get larger they are considered either an House or a Orders. One person can be a member of both an Order and a House simultaneously, though that is generally frowned upon as it splits loyalties. If the person joins more than an order and a house the other members will see them as traitors.  


Magic is accessible to any living being on Idyll. Even creatures who arrive on this planet from elsewhere receive access to magic.
  The size of people's Mana pools will vary. This size is acquired either at birth or when arriving on the planet. Those who arrive from outside the planet usually receive several times larger amounts of mana pools than creatures born on Idyll.   If all mana is used up without leaving time for generating more, the creature will die. To generate mana the creature needs to eat and rest. A creature constantly living with low mana is at risk of a large number of health issues and the condition will eventually lead to death.   Since shaping mana into magic is a complicated matter in which misuse might lead to death, magic is mostly confined to sapient creatures capable of complex thinking. The Orders and the Houses tend to pass down the skills needed to shape magic to people they deem appropriate, thus limiting availability and creating a way of empowering themselves. The secrecy and isolation of knowledge have lead to the emergence of different styles of magic.


Fantasy, Romance (LGBTQ+), Isekai, and also Slice of life.


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