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Mana is energy, mana is life, mana is the condition of being alive.
— Nokzel
  Mana is a condition that every living being is born with in the world of Idyll. Every being that sets their feet on this world also receives this condition.   Every being on the planet of Idyll has a mana pool, which is a metaphysical phenomenon. The pool is how much mana a being can host. If they shape their mana into magic, the mana used for the magic will disappear from that being. Lowering the amount of mana in the pool. If the pool becomes completely empty, the being will die. If a being is always low on mana, they will get Mana Malnutrition.   Around 70% of the sapient beings can sense their own mana. Those who can sense their own mana say that it’s like a pale and somewhat transparent aura around them.   Among those who can sense their own mana, most of them have to concentrate to sense it. Those who regularly overuse their mana can sense it all the time.   Around 54% of the sapient beings can sense the mana of other beings. Among dragons, around 99% can both sense their own mana and others. While the percentage varies across the other species.  


The mainstream belief is that mana came when the Deity of the planet and their partner died. The Deity granted the beings of the planet the magic that the deity had received from their partner in their Soulbond. However, this is only mainstream in areas where dragons have lived. In areas where no dragon has set their feet, people have concocted other reasons for the existence of mana.    

The three biggest ones are these:

In a small area in the western region of the world, people believe that mana is their life force, so they refuse to use any kind of Magic. Which according to studies shortens their lifespan and makes them more likely to contract a serious disease.   Another small community in the eastern part of the world believe that mana is a gift from their Animal goddess. They use a lot of mana and eat a lot of meat.   And the third is a small community in the southern part of the world that does not believe in mana. They believe that only their holy men can perform miracles.    

From dust to dust

Mana can be made into a fine greyish powder that has a distinct fruity smell with different kinds of artifacts. If a being is almost out of mana this powder can be ingested and their mana pool will be full again. If a person with a full mana pool ingest the powder they might Mana overdose if they do not perform magic to lower the mana.   All beings have mana so if a being ingest vegetables or meat that being will receive the mana that was left after cooking. Which is a very small amount since most mana disappears after a being dies.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital


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