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So, how does magic even work?
August to Zamarca
Everything that is alive on the planet of Idyll can theoretically do magic. Because all life is born with a Mana pool which is needed to shape magic.   Even beings that enter this world from somewhere else will receive a mana pool.  


According to the Dragons , this planet did not have magic when the Original Dragons arrived here a long time ago.
  The Dragons had to flee from their own planet. Around 1325 dragons stepped through the Astral Layer and arrived on Idyll. Here they met the personification of the planet, the deity of the planet. What the deity called themselves, and even it's gender has been lost to time.   The Deity and one of the dragons fell in love with each other. Without meaning to they also Soulbonded, which is something that the dragons do. This meant that they shared their lifespan. Making the deity mortal. The Deity, however, received access to the Dragon's magic.   When the Dragon and The Deity died, every being alive at the time received the first mana pools.   This is the mainstream history of magic in the world, though there are other small beliefs. These beliefs are often ridiculed because cults believe them.  

Mana Pools

No Mana Pool size is the same.
Every living being has a different sized mana pool. Most beings are aware of the size of their pool, they can feel it, but even fewer people can sense other people's mana pools.   If a being uses up all their mana without taking time for generating more, they will die. Likewise, if a being never uses mana they will wilt and die earlier than they would have as well.   To generate mana a being only needs to eat and rest. How fast it generates is also different between every unique being.  


To do magic you have to give your mana direction.
To do magic, a being will have to practice spells. Spells are like poems that sometimes rhyme. These spells can take a long time to learn to say right. How long it takes to learn is different for different beings. How common the spell is, also plays a big role in how easy the spell is to use or learn.   The Fire spell is the most commonly used one in the world, and several Houses and Orders teach their members how to use this. Since a lot of people use this spell, it's easy to learn, use, and cost very little mana. It also doesn't have a large effect. It's basically used instead of a matchstick.   For a spell to be epic and have a large effect, a being has to spend a lot of mana, and use a spell that very few other people use. To learn spells that other people don't know, a being will have to join a House or Order whose higher ups know a lot of spells. Then the being also has to prove their worth so they will teach them these spells.   Or the being could create their own spells. To create a spell takes several years, and very few people even know how to create a spell.  


It was carved out of a single bone from the spine of an Original Dragon.
With Artifacts, people can get large effects with minimal mana. If a being knows the spell to use with an artifact, they don't have to learn to speak it. It will work right away.   Artifacts are used with stored mana, so to be able to use an artifact a being or somebody else will have to store mana in it before it can be used.
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