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Translation Stones

So, Zamarca, if dragons can understand all languages then why are you carrying around a bunch of translation stones all the time?
August to Zamarca
  Nobody knows who first created the translation stones. But now the ones who usually create them are stone carvers and currently the people who use the stones the most are merchants as they are the largest group of people who travel between villages.   The stones translate every spoken language within around 5 meters of the holder to a language that the holder can understand. The holder is a person who has the stone within their mana aura, which means that they are holding it or keeping it in their pockets or in a bag that is close to them.   If two people hold the stone and one person speaks in a language that the other person does not understand the stone will not translate it, because the stones view the peoople as one person. The stone of a third person standing a bit away will translate the langue of the other person to the third person.
They are expensive to buy for private people. Merchant guilds and merchant organization owners are usually the ones who buy them and they buy them in bulk.
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