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Dragon Magic

Once, before the Original Dragons arrived on the planet of Idyll, the magic of the Dragons were immense. They could shape-shift in the blink of an eye, create matter out of thin air, and rip holes in reality.
  The dragons of today can still do pretty amazing feats. All dragons can create fire out of thin air with no spells and shape-shift between a humanoid and dragon form. As well as change their humanoid body form to match their view of themselves. This is something that they keep teaching their young because it is part of their culture.   Some other abilities have been lost to time and a lessening of power. A couple of the abilities can now only be taught by an Ancient Dragon. Currently, there are only 4 known Ancients alive and very few dragons receive the privilege of being taught by one.   The dragons of old could see the treads of reality and manipulate the tapestry of life to their liking with little practice. The dragons of today can be taught to see the threads with the magic hands of an Ancient.   A single modern dragon will only be able to see a couple of the treads. It will also take them more than a lifetime to learn how to manipulate those threads correctly.   There are currently a couple of modern dragons who can push apart threads and step through space. And some that can heal without the aids of spells.     The dragons do not need to pay with mana when they do dragon magic, even though people say that mana is originally dragon magic. How this works only a few people know and they do not speak of it openly.   When the dragons use their magic, they need to rest and eat or they will faint or lose their mind. When a dragon pushes aside the threads to teleport through space and worlds, they will let creatures through from the astral layer if they don't learn to close the space after themselves. This is even harder than learning to open the space to begin with.
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