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Huh, you really don't like flies do you?
August to Zamarca after ze jumped a meter to kill a fly that was flying too close to August
  The people of Idyll fear any kind of disease but this is the one that they fear the most. Because very little is known about it.  


There is not much written down about this disease because it is not that common. There have been around 137 confirmed cases across the world. All in the last 50 years.  


The disease can be contracted after a bite from a Mana fly that is carrying the disease. As far as people know the fly is the only carrier of the disease. But people are still scared that the disease will spread to others.  


After the fly has bitten somebody they will become tired. This is not surprising as the fly leeches mana from the person. During the first day, the area around the bite mark will itch, swell a bit, and become red. This also happens even when the person has not gotten the disease.   A couple of days later the person will stop feeling any kind of pain. They will hurt themselves without noticing. Some people die from these injuries before they know what has happened to them.   Two to three weeks after the bite the person will start to become distant. It will be hard to communicate with them. They will not react to stimuli. A couple of days after that they will die if they have not been sent out into the woods already.  


Only one person has recovered from the disease, but there is a controversy connected to this. Some say that he never had the disease to begin with.  


To protect themselves from the disease people protect themselves from getting bitten by the mana fly. They wear creams, fabrics, and jewelry that are said to repel the fly.


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