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The Sand Bowl

Uuugh, it's too warm here, I've told you before Zam, but I come from a cold country...
  Life is hard in the Sand Bowl, sure life is hard everywhere on Idyll, but life is the hardest in the Sand Bowl. Many who flee their homes in the forests believe that the Sand Bowl, without any forests should be safer. None of the forest creatures can live out on the sandy dunes of the Sand Bowl. But there are other creatures lurking here. Larger ones. You can't settle down anywhere here because the sand beneath your feet is not safe.  


World map
The world map
  The Sand Bowl is a large desert that stretches from The Berg Mountains in the South to The Summer Plains in the North.   The Sand grains are small and white, the sand is part bone, rock, salt, and gems. It's useful for making magical items.   It is hard to navigate the area it if you cannot fly and stand too long on the sand will mark you as a target. Which means that anyone living here travels.   There are some constant location markers though, like the The Dragon pillar a smooth large pillar made out a material that nobody has seen before and the Monster skull, the skull of a large creature that nobody has been able to identify.  

Flora & Fauna

There are many creatures and plants living in the Sand Bowl even though it might not seem like that at first. Most of them are monstrous though. The most known creatures are a large angry beetle called The Pest and a huge Sand Wyrm called The Menace.   There are also several cultures of traveling sapient people living mostly in The Sand Bowl. The largest group of people is called the Sanien. It consists mostly Beastfolk but it does contain some Orcs and Elves.
Related Ethnicities
Inhabiting Species


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