Hey, Zam, I can see a caravan over there. Should we stop by and say hi?
August to Zamarca while traveling over The Sand Bowl
  The Sanien are people of the desert, they have made the inhabitable area of The Sand Bowl their home. Their name, the Sanien, means the people of the Sand in their native language. Sani.   Sometimes a tribe can settle down in settlements around The Sand Bowl when life there gets too rough, but that happens rarely.   The Sanien consists mainly of reptile-like Beastfolk but some Elven tribes also belong to them.  


The Sanien is a collection of tribes. These tribes are a gathering of tents. A tent is two or more mates and their litter of children. Sometimes a tent can also be only one person but these tents are rare as people who do not yet have mates either stay with their parents or their sibling and the sibling's mates, helping to take care of the young.  


The Sanien are herds people and traders. As the Dragons generally do not fly over The Sand Bowl because of the creatures lurking there, the Sanien are the largest traders with the continent east of the Sand Bowl.   The Sanien herd cattle as well, the fancies tribes have the more expensive cattle. These animals are also traded and sold, but what people want the most when they trade with the Sanien are to listen to their music, or trade for their musical instruments.   Many people also want to trade the Sanien's secrets of how they manage to live in the inhabitable Sand Bowl, but they will not trade them. Their secrets are the reason that they can stay in their Motherland and they will not share them with others so that those others can taint the land.
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