-...why are the Beastfolk and the Bugfolk called that?
-Both of the species used to call themselves the 'folk.
August and Zamarca
  The stereotype about beastfolk is that they are jolly. That is not always true.  


99% of the beastfolk races have fur.   They have heads that have ears on top of their heads. These ears can be short with triangular or round shapes or they can be long with square, round or triangular shapes at the top. Their eyes are different sizes and they also have a lot of different head shapes. All of them have muzzles with sharpened side teeth. On average the necks connecting their heads to their torsos are shorter than those of most of the other species. A couple of the races have pretty long necks though. 1 pair of arms and 1 pair of legs are connected to their torso. Like most other sapient species of this world, they are bipedal. All of the races have tails, the length and thickness of the tail depend on their race.  

Genetics & Reproduction

The beastfolk reproduce sexually through internal fertilization. It will take around 8 months for the children to grow in the female's uterine until they are born.   The beastfolk have a wide variety of races. All races can also mate with each other and this is frowned upon by almost all bestfolk societies. The elves do not really understand this because they view their own species as the same and the other species as lesser.   When parents of two different races mate, their children will be more similar to one of the races but the mixed people when they have children their other parent's features might be present in their children.  

Growth rate & stages



A newborn is blind, deaf, and very fragile. They will be able to move around a little bit and after only a couple of days, they will be able to crawl around. Parents will have to keep a close watch on them because they can still not see or hear anything. It takes around 2-3 weeks for the newborn to be able to hear and see.  


A cub is between 3 months to 12 years old. During this time their motor skill will grow rapidly. At around 4 years old they should be able to talk at around 8 years old they should be able to do a lot of spells.  


From 13 years old to their Maturity Ceremony, at around age 25 depending on their society, they are in their rebellious stage. They question their parents and have started considering abstract concepts like freedom and morality.  


After their maturity ceremony, they are considered an adult. They should consider settling down and start a family. Polyamory is more expected among the beastfolk than among the other species.
68 years
Average Height
169 centimeter
Average Weight
71 kilogram
925 504
Population in Korda
3 054
Average intelligence
They are sapient.
Geographic distribution
They can mostly be found in the northern or southern parts of the world.
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